EDD (Easy Digital Downloads) 2Checkout inline Payment Gateway


Addonify EDD (Easy Digital Downloads) inline payment gateway is probably the most advanced EDD-2Checkout payment integration to date. Upgrade your EDD store with new Addonify EDD 2Checkout inline payment gateway built using 2Checkout latest API which supports inline express & inline regular checkoutAddonify EDD 2Checkout inline payment gateway is awesome Easy Digital Downloads & 2Checkout payment gateway integration which allows you to receive payment from 2Checkout.com in a modern self-hosted onsite payment cart popup modal window. 


2Checkout is a world-leading payment gateway solution. 2Checkout is an awesome, seamless, reliable and secured payment gateway to accept payment online and allows mobile payment from buyers worldwide with localized payment options. 

The payment method includes PCI compliance, merchant account, international fraud prevention, pre-integrated payments gateway and integration with more than 100 shopping carts. 2Checkout is an online payment gateway who accept payment on the empowered store from PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, American Express, Diners, JCB etc.

Addonify EDD 2Checkout inline Payment Gateway allows your shoppers with a cart functionality translated into 29 languages, and +130 transactional currencies for displaying the price. It also supports other EDD integration like EDD software licensing & EDD recurring payments seamlessly. If you would like to learn more please check our documentation guide here.

All features of EDD 2Checkout Gateway.

Core Features of EDD 2Checkout Gateway.

Express Checkout

Packed with most loved feature express checkout.

2Checkout new API (v6)

Addonify 2Checkout inline gateway is build with 2Checkout latest API.

Recurring Payments

Our plugin supports EDD recurring payment.

Onsite inline Payment

Your customer never has to leave your website while purchasing.

EDD SL Ready

Addonify 2Checkout Gateway works great with EDD SL.

Supports Buy Now Button

Our plugin also supports custom EDD buy now buttons.

A video demonstration on how EDD 2Checkout Gateway works.

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Easy pricing designed to cater every one.


$ 89
  • All features
  • One licence key
  • Yearly subscription plan
  • One year support & updates


$ 159
  • All features
  • Ten licence keys
  • Yearly subscription plan
  • One year support & updates

Life time

$ 239
  • All features
  • Unlimited licence key
  • No yearly recurring
  • Life time support & updates

Backed by Seven days Money Back Guarantee.

Don’t worry! You are fully protected by our 100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee. If you aren’t fully satisfied with the product purchased over the next 7 days, simply let us know from our contact page. We will be happy to process your refund request according to our refund policy immediately.

Here are Frequently Asked Questions.

These are a few questions that we get almost every day. Please go through these questions before reaching us.

Addonify is a sister plugin & code marketplace by CreamCode.Org

Yes, we have a documentation guide for Addonify EDD 2Checkout integration plugin here.

Well, we have answered this question here in our documentation guide.

Regular checkout refers to the old school method of doing a checkout from the checkout page. For more information please refer to this guide here.

In simple word, you can overwrite the EDD payment success page. For more information please read this guide.

Yes, Addonify EDD 2Checkout payment gateway supports EDD Software licensing.

Yes, Addonify EDD 2Checkout payment gateway supports EDD recurring payments.

It supports any cards that 2Checkout supports. Here what you need to understand is, we are not a payment processor but 2Checkout is doing the payment processing in their end.

Hence, our plugin supports Master/Visa Cards if 2Checkout can process it. 

Yes, we have added its support on version 1.0.3. Please check the change log here.

Yes, we have added a refund support support on version 1.0.3. Please check the change log here. But, if you wish to process the partial refund you need to do it from 2Checkout dashboard. 

If you have pre-sales question please feel to write us from our contact page here.