EDD (Easy Digital Downloads) Mautic Integration WordPress Plugin


Addonify EDD (Easy Digital Downloads) Mautic Integration is a tool that helps to connect your EDD store with Mautic software for complete email marketing automation. Addonify EDD Mautic Integration plugin syncs your EDD store customer data to Mautic & let you automate your Mautic campigns email the Mautic way.

Addonify EDD Mautic Integration plugin is build to automate most of all necessary EDD general events and EDD customer data to Mautic software. Addonify EDD Mautic Integration syncs various data like EDD customers, EDD product/service, EDD category, EDD orders data which helps store owners to automate personalized emails to their EDD customers or leads by creating a various segment, tags, campaigns through Mautic dashboard.

Mautic is an open source marketing automation software that helps marketers automate their repetitive marketing tasks such as lead generation, contact scoring, contact segmentation, marketing campaigns, etc. In another word, Mautic can be defined as a free open source software which is capable to replace leading marketing automation email marketing service providers like MailChimp, ActiveCampign, MailerLite, Mailpoet etc. If you would like to learn more about Mautic please feel to check Mautic open-source website.

All features of EDD Mautic Integration.

Core Features of EDD Mautic Integration.

EDD 2.11.x Ready

Our plugin is well tested with EDD version 2.10.x which was released recently.

Recover Abandoned Cart

Recover your pending & abandoned EDD carts with Mautic automatic campaigns.

Sync EDD Orders Data

Sync your EDD orders customer data to Mautic & tag them accordingly.

Support Segments

Segment your EDD store customers contacts in Mautic.

Custom Fields Support

Our plugin adds custom field to Mautic contacts to use them in email.

Drop-in Replacement

Replace your expensive email marketing service just in few clicks.

EDD Mautic Integration Plugin Video Walkthrough.

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[Video demonstration of WordPress dashboard]
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[Video demonstration of Mautic dashboard]

Easy pricing designed to cater every one.


$ 89
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  • One licence key
  • Yearly subscription plan
  • One year support & updates


$ 159
  • All features
  • Ten licence keys
  • Yearly subscription plan
  • One year support & updates

Life time

$ 239
  • All features
  • Unlimited licence key
  • No yearly recurring
  • Life time support & updates

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Here are Frequently Asked Questions.

These are a few questions that we get almost every day. Please go through these questions before reaching us.

Addonify is a sister plugin & code marketplace by CreamCode.Org

Mautic is FREE open-source email marketing software. To learn more visit our documentation guide here.

Yes, you can recover pending & abandoned cart using the Addonify EDD Mautic plugin.

No, this plugin will not work with WooCommerce. 

This question is quite related to Mautic not to our plugin. You can automate the emails the same way that you usually do in Mautic.

Tags are added to Mautic contact once they perform a certain action. For a more detailed guide check our documentation here.

Till Addonify EDD Mautic Integration version 1.0.0 we do not have this option. But, however you can still export contact from EDD & import it to Mautic segment created by our plugin.

Addonify EDD Mautic integration plugin supports all Mautic email SMTP providers.

If you have pre-sales question please feel to write us from our contact page here.